• Restoration8 products, services and creativity add to my arsenal of tools at Chelsea Chase Design.
    – Chelsea Chase
  • The house looks great with the Envirolast. The color is evened out now and the whole thing looks like it should-so much better than Super Deck!
    – John Lund
    Squaw Valley, CA
  • We try to keep up with the maintenance on it, often. As Envirolast XT holds up better than anything else we have tried.
    – Andrew Pust
    Ironwood Camp
  • My chalet on Squaw Valley Rd. has been maintained with Envirolast XT since 1999. I also have many rooms of Spray-Stone Limestone Plaster and my tenants from San Francisco have asked where they can find this material.
    – Arnold Allen
  • We applied Envirolast on our new redwood fence 4 years ago. Today the fence looks as bright and colorful as day one. All the neighbors say how charming the fence looks.
    – Bruce Philapanko

  • Just wanted to say thanks again for the great work on our South Lake Tahoe log cabin. We were up there for the 4th and it looked great!

    Thanks again!
    – James Lent
  • Thanks for specifying the Benjamin Moore Advance water based oil on Mom's house. The look and feel is original oil and we appreciate that.
    – Joe Valdez
  • I have been using Envirolast XT on our Chalet View Lodge resort in Portola, CA since 2001. It's looks great and the near zero odor is a blessing for our guests. We do all the application in house.
    – Bob Hickman
  • The family room remodel came out great! The Spray-Stone feature wall makes the room much more interesting. I love my cork floors too.
    – Debby Brown
  • I'm totally impressed with the transformation of my house. The Environlast stain looks stunningly good. The siding and the decks all turned out great. Your team did an amazing job!
    – Wade Painter
    Alpine Meadows
  • I think the West Shore Tahoe Redwood Cabin looks very nice, thanks for a good job! Also nice of you to tape the rider on as I will have to get new riders to fit that sign.
    – Greg Parker

  • Just wanted to say we love your product!! we've used it on or own timber farme house porch and on the picnic tables at our local charter school. The stain stands up to the abuse high school kids put it through. Now that's tough stuff!!
    – Mark Owens
    Mendo Nation Construction

envirolast wood and concrete stains

 On June 1st 2013 We Proudly Announce the Release of Envirolast XT2!

We spared no expense if creating the best looking, best performing and safest wood stain we can!

We launched Envirolast XT in 1999 as one of the very first water based oil/alkyd wood stains in North America. Envirolast XT was developed at zero VOC (a technical term for air polluting solvents) along with our key global supplier in Europe. 

The key technology used in Envirolast is called a core shell alkyd. This is breakthrough whereby a linseed oil molecule is encapsulated by an acrylic shell. The result is a nano sized particle (think ability to penetrate fine pores in the wood or cement structures) which highlights the grain and enhances the beauty of the wood (or cement) the way a linseed oil should, while offering the quick dry and toughness of the acrylic shell. Remarkably, with our very unique formula, the product applies easily and tacks extremely quickly, even in cool damp temperatures at zero VOC.

Envirolast has proven so handsome on wood, it has been used for fine wood working projects, patio furniture, hard wood decking, interior trim and doors, even as a wiping stain for cabinets and floors prior to a top coat of urethane. Envirolast has proven an extremely cost effective and durable concrete stain and sealer as well.

Envirolast remains the only known wood stain at true zero VOC. We made no compromises in ease of application, storage stability, beauty of finish and performance. In fact, a senior architectural executive at the world's largest coatings company stated it "was the most beautiful wood stain he had every seen". He would know, at least we would hope.

We offer 6 colorants using zero VOC, finely ground transparent oxides, which bring the natural grain out in any wood while providing world class UV protection.

In spring of 2013 we are happy to announce our supplier has now updated their key resin technology to achieve a 100% better UV stability on sun facing wood, decking and vertical masonry, some oif the most demanding areas for any stain product! We don't take making changes lightly, but we have tested this new updated replacement on Tahoe decks and the claims are proving the new resin is a world beater. Our costs have gone up, but we simply cannot pass by making the very best stain we feel we can put to market.

Whatever your next wood stain or concrete sealing project, Envirolast is available now in its new and improved urethane enhanced version. Please send us your pics and stories!


water based oil/acrylic/urethane soap water cleanup
zero VOC zero air pollutants
zero carcinogen no known carcinogen or toxics
"core shell" technology fast water resistance, low temp okay, quick re-coat
transparent oxide colorants beautiful grain highlights, great UV durability
nano sized particle great penetration, use as wiping stain for any project
storage stable stores for years, freeze thaw stable, stir and go
very mild odor replace deck chair and BBQ next day

<iframe src="http://player.vimeo.com/video/72277850" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe> <p><a href="http://vimeo.com/72277850">Restoration8 (:60)</a> from <a href="http://vimeo.com/user9620655">Rory O&#039;Farrell</a> on <a href="https://vimeo.com">Vimeo</a>.</p>