• We applied Envirolast on our new redwood fence 4 years ago. Today the fence looks as bright and colorful as day one. All the neighbors say how charming the fence looks.
    – Bruce Philapanko
  • My chalet on Squaw Valley Rd. has been maintained with Envirolast XT since 1999. I also have many rooms of Spray-Stone Limestone Plaster and my tenants from San Francisco have asked where they can find this material.
    – Arnold Allen
  • I think the West Shore Tahoe Redwood Cabin looks very nice, thanks for a good job! Also nice of you to tape the rider on as I will have to get new riders to fit that sign.
    – Greg Parker
  • I'm totally impressed with the transformation of my house. The Environlast stain looks stunningly good. The siding and the decks all turned out great. Your team did an amazing job!
    – Wade Painter
    Alpine Meadows
  • Restoration8 products, services and creativity add to my arsenal of tools at Chelsea Chase Design.
    – Chelsea Chase
  • I have been using Envirolast XT on our Chalet View Lodge resort in Portola, CA since 2001. It's looks great and the near zero odor is a blessing for our guests. We do all the application in house.
    – Bob Hickman
  • The house looks great with the Envirolast. The color is evened out now and the whole thing looks like it should-so much better than Super Deck!
    – John Lund
    Squaw Valley, CA

  • Just wanted to say thanks again for the great work on our South Lake Tahoe log cabin. We were up there for the 4th and it looked great!

    Thanks again!
    – James Lent

  • Just wanted to say we love your product!! we've used it on or own timber farme house porch and on the picnic tables at our local charter school. The stain stands up to the abuse high school kids put it through. Now that's tough stuff!!
    – Mark Owens
    Mendo Nation Construction
  • We try to keep up with the maintenance on it, often. As Envirolast XT holds up better than anything else we have tried.
    – Andrew Pust
    Ironwood Camp
  • Thanks for specifying the Benjamin Moore Advance water based oil on Mom's house. The look and feel is original oil and we appreciate that.
    – Joe Valdez
  • The family room remodel came out great! The Spray-Stone feature wall makes the room much more interesting. I love my cork floors too.
    – Debby Brown

spray-stone limestone plaster

What is the best way to add some unique charm and character to your next project?

Spray-Stone Limestone Plaster was developed to provide contractors and the DIY market with an easy to apply system for decorative finish for interior and exterior walls. The main focus was interior drywall, over existing textured/painted walls but the product works well as an exterior coating as well. Essentially any walls you might paint, or that you may desire a new texture on, you can Spray-Stone and achieve both a new texture, color and a limestone coating-all in one application!

A typical application consists of a base coat (a rough "key coat") and a smoothed out top coat, which is general sprayed on using texture application tools such as a basic air driven hand held hopper (available for under $100) and an air compressor.

You can color the 5 gallon pails with any paint colorants or your choice. You would typically use about a quarter (25%) of the amount used to achieve the same color in that companies flat wall paint. Put simply, find a color you like and start with 25% of the colorant used for 5 gallons of their standard paint (we have a pallet available for Sherwin Williams). Test that amount of colorant and add more colorant if you prefer more color. Our sealer will slightly darken the color, so plan for that if you plan to use our sealer for the project.

We have assisted customers with over 200 Spray-Stone projects world wide. People enjoy this "lifetime" coating with old world roots. Please contact us if you have a project in mind and ask any questions you like.


white flowable mixture consistency for brush, trowel or spray 
zero VOC zero air pollutants
slaked lime/acrylic binder authentic "lime" plaster with acrylic adhesion and flex
easy mix with drill mixed add paint colorants easily
acrylic admix binds pigments paint colorants "tie up" with acrylic for exterior durability 
two coat system same material, use thin "key" coat then top and smooth trowel
storage stable stores for years, easily re-mix
very mild odor zero ammonia acryclic pleaser eathen smell

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