• Thanks for specifying the Benjamin Moore Advance water based oil on Mom's house. The look and feel is original oil and we appreciate that.
    – Joe Valdez

  • Just wanted to say we love your product!! we've used it on or own timber farme house porch and on the picnic tables at our local charter school. The stain stands up to the abuse high school kids put it through. Now that's tough stuff!!
    – Mark Owens
    Mendo Nation Construction
  • I'm totally impressed with the transformation of my house. The Environlast stain looks stunningly good. The siding and the decks all turned out great. Your team did an amazing job!
    – Wade Painter
    Alpine Meadows
  • Restoration8 products, services and creativity add to my arsenal of tools at Chelsea Chase Design.
    – Chelsea Chase
  • I have been using Envirolast XT on our Chalet View Lodge resort in Portola, CA since 2001. It's looks great and the near zero odor is a blessing for our guests. We do all the application in house.
    – Bob Hickman

  • Just wanted to say thanks again for the great work on our South Lake Tahoe log cabin. We were up there for the 4th and it looked great!

    Thanks again!
    – James Lent
  • I think the West Shore Tahoe Redwood Cabin looks very nice, thanks for a good job! Also nice of you to tape the rider on as I will have to get new riders to fit that sign.
    – Greg Parker
  • The house looks great with the Envirolast. The color is evened out now and the whole thing looks like it should-so much better than Super Deck!
    – John Lund
    Squaw Valley, CA
  • We try to keep up with the maintenance on it, often. As Envirolast XT holds up better than anything else we have tried.
    – Andrew Pust
    Ironwood Camp
  • We applied Envirolast on our new redwood fence 4 years ago. Today the fence looks as bright and colorful as day one. All the neighbors say how charming the fence looks.
    – Bruce Philapanko
  • My chalet on Squaw Valley Rd. has been maintained with Envirolast XT since 1999. I also have many rooms of Spray-Stone Limestone Plaster and my tenants from San Francisco have asked where they can find this material.
    – Arnold Allen
  • The family room remodel came out great! The Spray-Stone feature wall makes the room much more interesting. I love my cork floors too.
    – Debby Brown

founders bio

"I have a passion for buildings, structures, people and their connected histories..."      (William Filer 2013)

In the early 1990's William Filer started his career in the world of painting and restoration on the older traditional homes in and around Midtown Sacramento. His very first jobs were Craftsman homes, bungalows, Victorians and Tudors. These homes were built by the mass influx of European craftsman into the area and they featured beautiful mouldings, often made of old growth fir and redwood from California and they were not always in the best of condition. Typically this led to lots and lots of sanding, scraping and generally down and dirty elbow grease, which was great character building for young Filer. 

Filer moved to Tahoe where he learned the art of stripping old darkened oil stain off of cabins and wood sided Tahoe homes. He launched a service business (paint contracting) in wood restoration and eventually developed the world's first zero VOC water based linseed/acrylic hybrid wood stain, Envirolast XT. Envirolast was used by the South Coast AQMD as a control for testing which eventually led to lowering of VOC's permissible to less the 100 gm/l in that air district. Envirolast has offset thousands of pounds of VOC (air pollution) in the Tahoe Basin and surrounding area.

In addition to developing Envirolast, Filer took an interest in lime based plasters and "Venetian" plasters he saw on trips Central and Southern Europe. He noticed there was that certain "something" that just seemed so beautiful to the towns (no, not the Italian princesses riding side saddle on the brothers scooter), but the amazing look of the walls in the old towns.

These "limestone walls" were the ancient building material and traditional wall coating for eons in the old world. Filer just had to come up with a new "Americanized" version that anyone could learn to apply, and quickly. Voila, Spray-Stone Limestone Plaster. This is not some acrylic looks like limestone finish, but the real thing, made with real slaked lime putty. It's also zero VOC and zero carbon, unlike cement type plasters.

Filer has offered his products and services under a variety of brands, websites and in various locations. All products and services are now found under one common name and website; Restoration8.com. Restoration brings all Filer's experience, vision and hard work years under one roof. Filer believes every project shares the same importance and care, whether it's just a fix it paint job or something more creative, he stresses pride in every effort.

Coming in spring 2013: We will be launching an informational campaign on the Tahoe/Truckee area to promote the new Envirolast XT2, a resin system similar to the original but with an upgraded, urethane component to the core molecule resin system. Testing has shown an increase of more than 100% durability on decking, stronger UV resistance and better wear against chemical stains.


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