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Will my roof benefit from a RooFlexx treatment?

If you have an asphalt shingle roof, which is over 5 years old, it will benefit from a RooFlexx treatment where the roof has aged and the original oil/asphalt binder has experienced loss due to UV exposure, weather and/or oxidation.

What’s the typical cost to RooFlexx treat an asphalt roof?

A typical roof will cost .50 to .75 per square foot or roof exposure, depending on difficulty of safe access and local labor costs.

How does RooFlexx work?

RooFlexx is based on a biodegradable oil which provides a protective saturation into the existing asphalt roofing, greatly slowing down the aging of the shingles and keeping the flexible and pliable for many more years than normal.

Does RooFlexx provide protection beyond the natural oil saturation process?

Yes, RooFlexx contains state of the art UV inhibitors, which greatly reduce the sun's ability to dry out the existing asphalt binder in your roof shingles, protecting both the original shingles and the RooFlexx coating itself.

How often should RooFlexx be re-applied?

RooFlexx should be considered every 5 years to keep your roofs shingles well protected with biodegradable oils and UV inhibitors.

Can anyone buy and apply RooFlexx?

At RooFlexx we prefer to have experienced professionals analyze each roof and the suitability for RooFlexx treatment.

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