Staining & Restoration

Restoration8's specialty is wood restoration and staining, there's simply no crew with more experience, anywhere!


Wood has become a precious commodity, there is no doubt about this any longer. Especially older and second growth (slower growing) wood which remain in use on homes siding and decks. These types of wood are almost always worth restoring and refinishing with a long term, deep penetrating protection like Envirolast (tm) Stain and Seal+.

Our trailer is stocked with restoration equipment, power washers, sanders, cleaners, brighteners and kegs of Envirolast ready to leave your property in a "ship shape" when our crew is done. Most neighbors seem to notice the difference immediately and over time. Our stain projects do not darken like solvent based oils do. Our stain does not fade as fast. In some cases homes can go 10 or more years in near restored condition due to our cutting edge wood stain and seal technology.

We look forwards to inspecting your home and offering our knowledge on natural wood.


William Filer